Commission Custom 9x12" Black and White Human Portrait Drawing - 1 person

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Drawing by Glecylle Mirasol
The drawing will be based on the reference photos. It will be a black and white graphite drawing. Unframed.
The name can be added. It will be in the style of the artist.
The artists reserve the right to all photos they take of the subject for the purpose of creating the portrait. The artist reserves the right to use reproductions of the portrait to promote his work. This includes the right to display reproductions of the work on the artist’s website or social media platforms. Please let us know if you prefer to keep the images private.
All artworks will be signed by the artist.

When the client agrees to the finished artwork, it will be sealed. Once sealed, it is final and cannot be revised. Cosmetic enhancement or changes will be limited to three for human portraits. e.i. need to remove or add a certain feature or detail. There will be no exchange and return for the finished artwork.

The product will dispatch in 10 to 15 business days or maybe more.
Please send us a message if you have any questions.

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