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Christmas Candles

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Christmas scented candles available in 8 oz. jars.

Free Local Delivery - Within 25 Km. from Crossfield, AB. Include your address in the Special Instructions field.

An 8 oz jelly jar, typically 2.75" dia. is sufficient for a bathroom, bedroom or small room, a larger living space may require a wider diameter on the vessel 3" or more.

Burn time is approximately 40 hours on an 8 oz. jar. On the first light, let candle burn up to approximately 4 hours or until wax is completely melted edge to edge. Candle care instructions are provided with purchases.

All fragrances are paraben/phthalate free and are either cotton fiber braided or wood wicks.

All supplies are sourced locally in Canada and in the U.S., with a heavy emphasis on supporting local businesses.

Candle jars are recyclable and reusable by setting your jar in a container with hot water, once the wax is melted, take paper towel, wipe the inside clear of wax and wick, dispose in garbage or recycle paper towel as a fire starter. Wash in hot soapy water. Do not pour wax down the sink.

The shipping box can be reused or recycled.

Packing Peanuts are Biodegradable Peanuts which are made from organic starch and dissolves in water leaving no toxic waste.

The bubble wrap is a Green alternative and Eco-Friendly; up to 40% recycled content with up to 20% from post-consumer sources, can be saved for shipping or wrapping your precious goods.

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