Baby Seal Plush

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This baby seal will make the sweetest little companion for any animal lover in your life! Harp seals spend most of their time in the frigid waters of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans in search of food. Their bodies are perfectly streamlined and packed with blubber to keep them warm. Baby seals are covered in fluffy white fur, which earned them the nickname "whitecoats" but lose their baby fur after around 3 weeks.

This baby seal is medium-sized, measuring in with a length (tip of nose to tip of tail) of 33cm, a width (fin to fin) of 27cm, and a depth (belly width) of 14cm.
It was handmade from acrylic and soft polyester yarns and features safety eyes to ensure that little ones cannot remove them. This item is machine washable.

If you are interested in requesting a custom order, feel free to send me a private message to discuss details.

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